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Hundreds of clinical trials are rolled out around the world monthly, and many of them are designed to specifically uncover and manage the medical needs of people with sickle cell disease and trait. We keep an updated list of these global studies here, so you don’t have to go searching for them. There might be active study recruitment and enrollment happening at a site near you. Explore the list below to see the different types of studies, and use the navigation options on the left to get as specific as you would like.

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ESCORT-HU Extension: European Sickle Cell Disease Cohort – Hydroxyurea – Extension

As safety information pertaining to the long-term use of HU remains incomplete in spite of the first safety study (ESCORT-HU), an extension of the latter is proposed.


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5 Germany sites

4 French Guiana sites

4 Italy sites

2 Guadeloupe sites

2 Martinique sites

1 Greece site


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